Prismata Alpha Survey - September 2015
A bunch of random things we'd like feedback on. Should take about 10 minutes, but you can spend more time than that if you want.
What's your rating in Prismata?
Select the highest rating you've ever achieved
How long have you been playing Prismata?
Select the earliest you played.
How did you first find out about Prismata?
What factor was most important in your decision to try Prismata?
Something you heard, or something about the game itself. What caused you to think "I'm gonna try this game"?
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Prismata Units
Doomed Drone
We're thinking of adjusting Doomed Drone's supply from 20 down to 10. This isn't really a change motivated by balance, but rather a change motivated by taste/preference. Would you prefer to see a Doomed Drone with fewer supply? Select all that apply:
Which units are too strong/too weak? *
The following units are new in Prismata, have had recent changes, or are among some of the units we're considering for balance changes. What do you think of their current balance?
(1) Too weak, should be buffed
(2) Slightly weak
(3) Balanced
(4) Slightly strong
(5) Too strong, should be nerfed
No opinion/unknown
Galvani Drone
Trinity Drone
Kinetic Driver
The Wincer
Borehole Patroller
Gauss Fabricator
Ebb Turbine
Venge Cannon
Fission Turret
Thorium Dynamo
Tatsu Nullifier
Tesla coil
Tantalum Ray
Vai Mauronax
Frost Brooder
Blood Phage
Asteri Cannon
For any of the units listed above, do you have any additional comments?
E.g. is a unit unfun? Does it hurt the diversity of openings? Does it provide too much of an advantage to a particular player or strategy? Is it awesome?
Your answer
Which new Prismata units are the most fun? *
For each recently-added Prismata unit, identify how much you like it:
(1) Lame. Not fun.
(3) Average.
(5) Awesome! The MOST fun.
No opinion/unknown
Thorium Dynamo
Galvani Drone
Borehole Patroller
Vai Mauronax
Blood Phage
Tantalum Ray
Additional comments about the design or balance of ANY Prismata unit?
Any units you'd like to see changed? Least favourite units? Something you'd like us to buff?
Your answer
Analysis Mode
Currently in Prismata, you can open the menu and click "Analyze" from within ANY Prismata game or replay to open a new window in which you can play for both sides, allowing "off-the-board analysis" of any Prismata position.

Some players have suggested that we remove this option in some situations (e.g. arena games), which would discourage off-the-board analysis of games by making it more difficult for players.

(Note that it would still be possible to perform off-the-board analysis of any position by creating a custom game, analyzing within that custom game, and playing forward to a specific board state.)
Should the "Analyze" button be removed from the in-game menu during ARENA GAMES?
Should the "Analyze" button be removed from other screens?
Check all that apply.
Any other comments on the "Analysis" feature?
Your answer
We've been considering a rule change to arena scoring called "Automatic start-scum" or "Autoscum". With Autoscum rules in place, players would not receive any strikes for losses in arena runs until they had won a game. What do you think of this? Check all that apply.
Skin feedback - 1
What are your favourite Prismata skins? Anything you'd like to see more of?
Your answer
Skin feedback - 2
Are there any skins that you find annoying, difficult, or visually confusing to identify on the battlefield?
Your answer
Emote feedback - 1
What are your favourite Prismata emotes?
Your answer
Emote feedback - 2
Which emotes irritate you most when your opponents use them in game?
Your answer
Emote feedback - 3
Are there any emotes currently in Prismata that make you feel personally offended, marginalized, or upset?
Your answer
Emote suggestion box! Are there any emotes you'd like to see us add to Prismata?
Legal note to keep the trolls at bay: By entering suggestion(s) in the box below, you agree that Lunarch Studios Inc. may use your suggestions (or modifications thereof) in Prismata without any credit, attribution, or payment to you, and that you waive all rights to your suggestions.
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Fairness of the collection systems
Identify how much you agree with each of the following statements
(1) Entirely Disagree
(2) Mostly Disagree
(3) Somewhat Disagree
(4) Neither Agree nor Disagree
(5) Somewhat Agree
(6) Mostly Agree
(7) Entirely Agree
I believe that the card-flipping Armory minigame is a fair strategy for the developers to avoid starving and freezing to death in the cold Canadian winter.
Comparing the daily bonuses with the arena rewards, I believe that the quantity of Shards/Power Cores earned is balanced between the two.
I feel that spending Shards in the card-flipping Armory minigame provides me with a fair chance of obtaining the rewards that I want.
My skill as a Prismata player is reflected in the value of the collectible rewards I receive.
I believe that the card-flipping Armory minigame provides a fair distribution of cosmetic rewards for the number of Power Cores that I put into it.
The QUANTITY of collectibles I receive reflects the amount of effort I've put into obtaining them.
I feel that the daily bonus provides a good incentive to play more often.
I feel that the rewards obtained from arena runs provide a good incentive to play more, or play longer sessions.
The QUALITY of collectibles I receive reflects the amount of effort I've put into obtaining them.
When I have an exceptionally strong arena performance, I feel like I receive compensation that reflects my performance.
Any further comments on the Prismata collectibles/rewards system?
(It's still a work in progress; your feedback is really important!)
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Final question
Any other feedback for us?
On Prismata, the software, the community, anything at all...
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