Stepmania Hardware Installation Survey
The developers of Team Rizu are looking to the community to find out what kind of hardware everyone in the community is using so that way we can better support those hardware setups.
What CPU do you have installed? (E.g. Intel Core i7 4790k Socket 1150 or AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Socket AM4) [Include Socket type if known, as some older CPUs have the same name on multiple sockets] *
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What GPU are you using? (E.g. Nvidia RTX 2060 or AMD RX 580) *
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What size is the display you play on? *
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What resolution do you play at? *
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What refresh rate is the display? (Vertical Refresh Rate in Hz. E.g. 60hz/75hz/100hz/120hz/144hz/240hz)
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How much RAM do you have installed? (In GB. If MB, please state as such [e.g. 512MB]) *
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What do you use for input? (Use "Other" if a combination of IO types) *
Do you use lights?
Hard Drive, SSD, or NVMe? *
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