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After completing and submitting this form you will be contacted within 72 hours to arrange a consultation / initial assessment, please check your junk/spam mail in-case our reply lands there. Your consultation will be booked in for the earliest mutual available appointment which may differ from your ongoing therapy sessions. If you complete this form on the weekend, there might be a delay in response time.

The consultation is an opportunity for us to assess together your therapeutic needs and suitability to the service.

After the consultation you may be allocated to an associate therapist, therefore the person conducting your consultation might not be your ongoing therapist. Our current average time between consultation and therapist/counsellor allocation, varies depending on your preferences and availability, but is usually no more than 2 weeks.

We will do our best to match you with an appropriate therapist according to your preferences. However, we take many factors into consideration during the matching process to provide you with the most appropriate fit, therefore all of your preferences might not be fulfilled. (Please note, we will prioritise your preferences according to your psychological needs, so if one of your preferences is for face-to-face therapy, but we feel the most suitable therapist for you is only available online, we will offer you online therapy. We will always match you according to your ethnicity and gender preferences, but sometimes there might be a waiting list, so we will consult with you before compromising your preference request).

Therapy fees range from £45-£70.
Therapy Terms and Conditions apply.

The Mabadiliko Intercultural Therapy Centre is based in Forest Hill, Southeast London and opened for face-to-face therapy sessions from January 2022. We do not insist that persons attending the centre are vaccinated (including staff), but you will be required to follow hygiene and Covid-19 health and safety procedures.  
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