Whistleblower Report for HCPAA/Malachi
For High Country Performing Arts Association (HCPAA) and its programs (i.e., Malachi Independent Winterguard).

HCPAA's whistleblower policy may be found at http://hcperforminarts.org/whistleblower. Please make sure to have referenced it and understand it before proceeding further so you understand who will see this report and how it will be acted upon.

We welcome honest and necessary reports and encourage any report that illustrates a violation of the basic principles of our code of conduct by, or the safety of, any individual (member, staff, or volunteer) within our organization.

We will not take lightly any report that was made in good faith and we prohibit any retaliation against a reporter for making such a report. Obviously malicious and unsubstantiated reports are also not taken lightly and go against the intent of any whistleblower system and our code of conduct.
Report Information
Please be as complete as possible. Include any dates in question as best you can remember. Include names of individuals as best you can remember. Include places of occurrence as best you can remember. Include a description of the details of the incident(s) as best as you can remember.
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2-3 words to categorize the type of incident. Your full details will be asked for a couple of questions down the list.
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Either a single date and time or a range of dates and times.
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Details of Incident *
Please provide as many details as you can. If you are remaining anonymous please don't rush through this. Take your time and anticipate any possible follow up questions an investigator might have. Reiterate and clarify any dates, times, names, places, and events to the fullest extent possible.
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