Be Curious Day - April 19th
Challenge your curiosity and dive into an art form you've never tried before!

Select your FIRST, SECOND, THIRD, and FOURTH choices for a 2-hour workshop with the following artists and teachers. Leave everything else blank.


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Alisara Martin - Linocut Printing
Express yourself with words and images by designing and hand carving your own rubber relief stamps to print on fabric and paper. In this workshop we focus on self-expression and communicating with others using art. After printing your stamp on artist trading cards and iron-on fabric patches, you will leave class with a print from everyone in the group and lots of your own art to share and wear.
Rico Lastrapes – Stomp it Out: Making Music with Your Feet!
A crash course Tap/Hoofing intensive designed to introduce a classic American art to a new age (this isn't your Granny's soft-shoe)! In this workshop we will discuss the history of Tap, rhythm and syncopation, basic Tap steps and "tricks", as well as learn a group dance and create our own original combo. Tap shoes are not needed!
Daemond Arrindell – Spoken Word
When most people think of poetry they think "old dead guys talking about nature." But this ain't your grandma's quiet and polite poetry. Poetry can be loud and raucus, can be about the challenges you're having with your family or how obsessed you are with Game of Thrones. In this workshop we will play with metaphor and imagery to explore how fun poetry can be and then take our writing on the journey to become powerful performances.
Britt Freda – Activist Art
In a fast two hours of drawing, curious participants will choose an endangered species or a cause, come up with a call to action/tag line and create a mini-campaign poster. Upon completion, with student permission, we will (anonymously-no student names or faces) post the ACTION WORKS to instagram #climatechange, #endangeredspecies, #studentactivists, #studentvoices, #vashoncenterforthearts, #vashonartistsinschools, #artactivism. Make your voice heard. Change the world through art.
Nidia Sahagún - Baile Folklórico
Learn traditional Mexican dance from many states of Mexico. Each dance is performed with its unique costume and choreography.
Scott Kovaks – Singing and Song: Discovering Your Voice
This workshop will focus on the fundamentals of vocal production (breath, pitch and tone) in the first half and the fundamentals of vocal expression (text, phrasing, and dynamics) in the second half. Students will be asked to make strange noises, whisper, sing through straws, read and sing poetry, and hopefully discover what they love the most about their singing voice.
Maria Glanz – Original Performance
Create original characters using physical theatre exercises and improvisation - then take those characters and write original monologues and short scenes for them! The workshop will end with mini-performances of the pieces we create. Writers can perform their own work, or cast other students to hear their words come to life in front of them.
Tiffany Adams – Hip Hop Dance
Challenge yourself to think on your feet while enjoying an energetic and fast-paced dance class. Learn rhythm, coordination, musicality, and choreography while developing focus, strength, and agility – while having fun!
Eric Frith – Storytelling Through Film
Watch the movie Big Sonia with filmmaker Eric Frith, then learn what it takes to tell a story in film.
Carolina Silva – Installation Art
Work collaboratively to conceptualize, design, source, and build an installation piece to transform the space in the commons.
Adam Ende – Low Tech, High Magic
Become a master of the magic of puppetry as you create beautiful 2D puppets from cardboard, then play and create a short puppet show in small groups!
Darren Lay – Shakespeare’s Words and Swords
Exercise wit, hand, eye, and ear as you play with the language and action of Shakespeare’s world.
Mik Kuhlman – Physical Theatre
Build self-confidence, empathy and body awareness with theatre games, teamwork, balance techniques, mime, slow motion action and keen observation as we dive into characters and create physical stories.
Shawn Kellogg and Sadie LeDonna – Circus Gymnastics
Have you ever wanted to stand on your head? Tumble around through the air? Jump great distances with ease? Sadie and Shawn will lead you through a circus skills class that will help you to do all these things. We’ll play games, learn skills and move our bodies doing gymnastics, partner acrobatics, and other circus techniques. We’ll have fun, work hard and clown around.
Barb Gustafson – Native American Root Digging Bags
We will learn the basics of twining with hemp cord, yarns, and beads to create a functional “Sally bag.” We will use the full-turn twining technique which allows for a multitude of designs and motifs.
Katie Lewandowski - The Nature Spa
Make your own natural wellness products Learn how to make and package natural self-care and wellness products including homemade lotions, clay masks, aromatherapy blends, calming candles, and beeswax lip balms. Everything we make you can take!
Allison Trundle – Artist Books
Come make an original, hand-bound book complete with your own printmaking art and book art ideas.
Becky Blankenship and Amy Holmes - Pizza Dough Four Ways
Calzones, Focaccia, Dessert Pizza, Deep Dish - YUM!
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