Me n My V
A 10 question (anonymous) survey about your relationship with your VAG.
Brought to you by Quim Rock - products and conversations for love of vaginas!
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1) Which best describes your age? Ain’t nuthin but a number baby!
2) I’ve had vaginal birth(s) *
2a) If YES, what was the date of your last birth?
3) Have you ever used products specifically for your vagina besides period absorption and birth control products? *
3a) If YES, what products and for what specific purpose?
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4) Besides your Primary Care Practitioner and OB/Gyn, who do you talk to about vaginal health issues? (Check all that apply) *
5) Has your vagina ever had an adverse reaction to any personal care products or clothing? *
5a) If YES, what products have you avoided to protect your vaginal health?
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6) Has your vagina ever had an adverse reaction to any sexual or non-sexual activities? *
6a) If YES, what activities have you avoided or modified in some way to protect your vaginal health?
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7) How often do you currently experience the following vaginal health issues? *
Bladder infections/UTIs
Yeast infections
Pain during sex
Pain after sex
8) TRUE or FALSE: I’ve avoided and/or missed out on sexual pleasure for fear of vaginal pain or discomfort *
9) TRUE or FALSE: I've never thought about the concept of “vaginal health” before taking this survey *
10) On a scale of 1 to 10, how happy is your vagina? *
Trapped in hell, surrounded by the cast of The Jersey Shore
Dancing on the moon while listening to Beyoncé
Is there anything else you are willing to share as we aim to create the most comprehensive vaginal wellness offerings?
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