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Bike Easy has reformatted our Adult Bike Safety Class curriculum. The two-day class formerly titled “Traffic Safety 101” will now be called “SMART BIKING” – a class structured in three sessions:

Session 1 – Getting to Know Your Bike and Your Rights (in-class/off-bike (no bike needed))
Topics: Choosing a bike, adjusting the bike, maintenance, clothing/gear, rules of the road

Session 2 – Smart Bike Handling (in-class & on-bike (bike needed))
Topics: handling basics, shifting gears, where to ride, infrastructure, crashes and hazards, night riding, rural riding

Session 3 – Smart Road Riding (outside/on-bike (bike needed))
Topics: drive train maintenance, riding with a group, sharing paths and trails, inclement weather, night riding, rural riding, flat fixing

Participants may complete session 1 and 2 in any order but must complete both 1 & 2 before signing up for the final session 3.

You have the option of attending one two or all three sessions.

Note: Upon completion of all three sessions a Smart Biking certificate will be awarded.

All sessions will meet at the Caffin Ave. SDA Church, Community Service Building, 1019 Caffin Ave.

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