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Thank you so much for sharing your story. We hope Sphere will be a safe space where Duke students can stop by to feel less alone. Whether someone is tuning into the podcast on their morning commute or scrolling through website posts in-between classes, they can seek comfort in knowing their peers have experienced similar struggles before.

All submissions will be kept strictly confidential. If your story is selected to record on our podcast, it will be anonymous.

We are aiming for pieces that are 250-500 words in length. However, even if your piece does not fall within this word count, please do not hesitate to submit. Submissions can be in any form of writing of your choice (diary entry, poem, letter to yourself, etc.).
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To get started, consider the following questions:

What is a struggle that you've been through or are currently facing?  
How did you feel during the struggle--mentally, emotionally, and/or physically?
How did you cope with the situation?
How do you feel now, reflecting back on the experience?

These are simply guiding questions. Please feel free to answer as little or as many questions as are relevant to your experience.
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