Pollyanna Survey - Families
In recent years, Pollyanna has anonymously conducted surveys of various school constituencies to gather feedback about relevant and timely topics in school communities.

Topics for these Pollyanna Position Papers have included:
  • Advocating for Equity During and After a Pandemic
  • Communicating through Change
  • Centering Student Voices in Antiracist School Transformation
  • Naming and Navigating Pushback to DEI

In these reports, we have surveyed Heads of Schools, DEI Directors, teachers, and students. In our next report, we would like to hear from another critical constituency: families. Our hope for this paper is to hear more about how schools are helping students develop healthy interpersonal skills.

If you have a school-aged child, please consider offering a brief response to the following prompt:
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How has your child’s / children’s school helped prepare them to engage in healthy discourse across differences, develop empathy, and build positive relationships? 

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