INQUA ECR conference, University of Reading 2016
The University of Reading (UK) has bid to host INQUA's Early Career Researcher Conference in September 2016, with the theme "Using observations and modelling to understand past climate changes". We need your responses to find out what early career Quaternary scientists want from this event.
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2. What parts of the proposed summer school/conference programme would you value most? *
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3. The estimated fee for the 5 day event is around £400, inclusive of registration, accommodation, meals and training materials. We are seeking sponsorship to support bursaries toward delegate attendance and travel costs. Would your ability to attend the conference be contingent upon receiving a bursary to reduce the conference fee? *
5. Bursaries will be available for some delegates. If you were to apply for a bursary, for what would you prefer financial support? *
4. What country do you study/work in? *
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6. Which of the following weeks would be most convenient for you to attend? *
If you answered neither to question 6, please tell us why e.g. clash with another event? Clash with your local university timetable? Is there an alternative time of year that would be better to hold an event like this?
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7. Do you have any other comments? We value your input.
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If you'd like to keep in touch, please add your email address below. We will send you further details of the conference as they are decided/
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