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I eat to avoid dealing with problems:
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Have you ever had or been diagnosed with an eating disorder?
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Physical Activity Profile: Do you currently exercise?
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Eating Pattern History
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How often do you eat dairy?:
List the foods you eat regularly from the Dairy food group:
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How often do you eat Fruits?:
List the foods you eat regularly from the Fruit food group:
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How often do you eat vegetables?:
List the foods you eat regularly from the Non-Starchy Vegetables food group:
(all vegetables except corn, potatoes, beans, and peas)
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How often do you eat grain?:
List the foods you eat regularly from the Grains food group:
(bread,cereal, rice, pasta, crackers, granola, corn, potatoes, beans, peas):
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How often do you eat protein foods?:
List the foods you eat regularly from the Proteins food group:
(Eggs, cheese, fish, chicken, beef, pork, tofu, meat analogues)
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How often do you eat sweets(candy, cake, chocolates)?:
How often do you fried foods (french fries, sausage, hot dogs, bacon)?:
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List any foods you dislike or will not eat/cannot eat:
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