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If you have links to a resume/CV, LinkedIn, or other resources about yourself (or other team members), please provide them here.
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What skills or previous experiences make you, the project lead(s), suited to executing this project?
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The Project
The high-level project that the lead(s) is/are working on. This will often be more long term than the breadth of the requested grant.
Project Link(s)
Please provide a link to a pitch deck, written plan, or other resources about your proposal if you have them.
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What cause area(s) is your proposal addressing?
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Please give a brief description of your proposal (3-5 sentences). Include relevant progress and team contributions if applicable.
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How much funding have you raised so far, if any (approx. USD)?
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The Grant
Information specific to the grant and what the grant is for.
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Please provide a title for your proposal. This should reflect specifically what the grant is for. For example, "Zappos Shoes: New Warehouse Expenses"
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How much funding are you looking for (approx. USD)?
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What do you want to achieve with the grant and why (1-2 sentences)?
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Grant Outcome(s) *
Suppose that you receive the grant and are successful in achieving the goal(s). How does that future differ from today? What's the timeline / how long has it been? For example, "I have worked in retail and clothes manufacturing for 6 years, primarily in shoes. Within 6 months, I will have signed a contract with a manufacturer to start making our shoes. Within 12 months, we will have our online store pulling in $2k monthly revenue."
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Value Proposition *
Why should others give money to fund your proposal instead of a similar charity or top EA charity?
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Additional Information
Limit sharing of proposal?
The EA Angel Group may share your grant proposal details with other grantmakers in the EA community to consider you for funding. If you do not want this, please provide a short explanation.
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If you were referred by an angel, please provide their name here.
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