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Members of the ARC are invited to share resilience-related materials with one another by submitting links to be included in the Resource Library on the ARC website. Before submitting your links, please assess whether your material is appropriate for inclusion by considering the following standards:

While many campus resources such as first year programs, wellness initiatives, etc. might broadly address student wellbeing and adjustment, the ARC focuses specifically on the topic of resilience. Programs and research areas that are relevant to or touch upon or incorporate issues related to resilience, but for whom resilience is not their primary focus, are generally not appropriate for inclusion in the Resource Library of the ARC website. In addition, materials and services that are sold commercially are generally not appropriate for the Resource Library.

The Academic Resilience Consortium Steering Committee reviews all submissions and reserves the right to accept, reject, edit, or remove submissions on the basis of the objectives and mission of the Consortium.

If you would like to submit a link now, please list URLs to websites, pdf's, videos, or other materials, separated by commas. If you are not the contact person for a given resource, please indicate the name, position, school/institution, and email for the contact person:

Note: You will be listed as the contact person for any resources you submit, unless you specify a different contact person below.
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