Appointed Offices Application Form for Gubernator (2022-2023)
Salve! Welcome to the appointed offices application form.

Please fill out this form if you are applying for any of these appointed offices: North Gubernator, Central Gubernator, or South Gubernator. THIS FORM IS DUE MAY 16TH. You can make edits any time before midnight that night. We do suggest you answer all questions on a Google or Word document to check for both grammatical and informational errors and then copy them into this form.

Results for the offices of North Gubernator, Central Gubernator, and South Gubernator will be announced soon after May 23rd.

Due to this office being in a State of Emergency, some rules for applications are lifted. If your delegation held this office in the 2021-2022 year, you are able to apply!

Please email Parliamentarian Wali Khan with any questions:
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Club Officer Experience
Relevant experience or traits, general and with specifics for the office being sought:
School/Non-school related activities; sports, hobbies, etc.
Discuss how you will balance School/Non-school related activities with your office:
Discuss your experience interacting with your peers and with adults:
Do you have any goals/ideas for the Executive Board/OJCL? Please be specific to the office you are seeking.
What have you done to understand the duties of the office you are seeking?
Why would you like to become a member of the OJCL Executive Board?
Other Biographical Information/Comments:
Student electronic signature - by signing, you understand that you understand the duties of this office; that you will attend the required executive board Meetings/convention; and that you are responsible for your own expenses and transportation to meetings/other related events, unless otherwise determined by a state chair.
Once you finish filling out this form, you MUST have both your sponsor and parent send an email to to permit you to apply for office. Failure to complete this final step will result in your disqualification from applying for office.
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