Science Inquiry Exhibitor Entry Form
Scroll to the bottom for some Sample inquiry questions. Remember this is not a demonstration.
Please answer each question. Do NOT put TBD/unknown or any such answer. If you are unsure about what project you will be doing, please wait until you are sure, then each answer question.
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Sample Questions
These sample questions show how to revise a question to limit the scope of the experiment for success using the scientific inquiry method. • Which freezes faster, salt water or fresh water? • Which boils faster, salt water or fresh water? • Which dissolves a sugar cube faster, hot tea or iced tea? • Which floats higher in water, syrup or oil? • Which type of cup keeps hot chocolate hot the longest? • Which colors absorb the most heat under sunlight? • How does soil temperature affect the time it takes a bean seed to germinate? • Which brand of AA battery lasts the longest? • How does the distance from a light affect the size of plastic mini-figure’s shadow? • How does the angle of a ramp affect the distance a toy car will roll? • Which type of ball bounces the highest? • How does ball temperature affect the height of its bounce? • How does magnet temperature affect the strength of its attraction? • How does the launch angle affect the distance you can shoot a rubber band? • Which falls faster, a golf ball or a pingpong ball? • How does string length affect the period of a pendulum? • How does distance from the center affect the weight required to balance a seesaw?
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