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We have been so inspired by the efforts you have all taken to meet the needs of learners and families during this time of emergency learning. Many districts have reached out to see how we are planning to adjust our beloved training model to meet the needs of our beloved teachers so that they could meet the needs of their beloved students. This disruption to learning and to normal life will mean that our most at-risk learners will be even more at risk next fall. We considered many things...taking 2020 off, adjusting the number of attendees, moving the training to later in the summer, and going virtual. Believe it or not, we were most resistant to going virtual because the energy in our two day, face to face trainings, fuels us for the rest of the year. That said, we know that your teachers are skilled at online delivery at this point and we feel it is crucial to share the KJS teachings so that they might create content for an online version of KJS for families to experience this summer.

That's right, as an add on to our KJS virtual training, your teachers will be creating online content to deliver to families over the summer. The training will be delivered via Zoom on June 1, 3, 5, 9, and 11 from 3 pm to 5 pm EST with 4 hours of required team work time where we will be available for online office hours. The cost of the training will be $550per person. The sessions will be recorded but will not be shared with anyone other than the cohort of teachers involved in this year's training to allow for the "safe space" feeling that we value so much.
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