RISE Relief & Recovery Progam Application

Detroit Phoenix Center is assisting children, youth and families that reside in Detroit who have been financially compromised due to the COVID-19 pandemic with assistance with the following: Food & Income Support, Rent & Hotel Vouchers, Cell Phone Bill Support, Tablets & Transportation Assistance.

We are a nonprofit high impact nonprofit organization that provides critical resources, wrap around support and a safe, nurturing community to underserved & transient youth, children and families.

The information provided in this form is confidential and will be used to qualify candidates for the RISE Relief & Recovery Program.

Program funded in part by:
McGregor Fund
United Way of Southeastern Michigan
Jacob Family Foundation

For More Information: www.detroitphoenixcenter.org/COVIDsupport or Leave a message at (313) 482-0916

Please note that funding is limited so not all requests will be filled.

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