Open Issue Recommendation Form 2020
This form is meant for any students or teachers at AUC that wish to encourage a current student to submit a paper for consideration to AUC's Undergraduate Journal. If you've come across a paper written by an AUC student recently that you think is truly excellent, please feel free to recommend it to us!

Please note that papers need not be perfect, as the authors chosen for publication will have the chance to refine their paper with the support of the InPrint editorial team. By filling out this form you are asking us to reach out to the student on your behalf, informing them of your recommendation. You are also free to approach them in person, in which case you would not need to fill out this form.

Recommended submissions will still need to follow the general submissions guidelines, available here:

If you have any feedback on this form, please use the comment section at the end of the form or email

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