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PLEASE NOTE:  Completing this form does NOT guarantee that your case will be accepted for representation by JFCS.  There is a waiting list and we will contact you when we reach your name on the list to schedule a consultation and discuss the particulars of your case. At that time, we will decide if we are able to accept your case and represent you. 

If you are already a client of JFCS for an immigration issue, please contact your attorney or representative directly.  If you have other questions about this form or the types of cases we accept, please call 412-904-5966.

We ARE currently accepting referrals for the following types of cases only:

  • Refugee/Asylee Green Card Applications

  • Family Reunification petitions (Refugees/Asylees)

  • Naturalization/Citizenship

  • Unaccompanied Children’s Issues

  • Afghan Nationals for SIV, Green Cards and TPS

  • TPS for all designated countries

  • Green Card Renewals

  • Employment Authorization Cards and Renewals

  • Central American Minors (CAM)

  • Human Trafficking, Victims of crimes and Violence Against Women’s Act cases

If you are a service provider sending a referral for someone else, please complete the form with the individual's information and add your contact info in the Referral section at the end.

If you have a case about anything else, please click here for a list of private attorneys and other non profit agencies who may be able to assist you.    

If you are looking for assistance with anything other than immigration legal services, you may visit ISAC Pittsburgh at https://isacpittsburgh.org/referral2019/ to complete their intake form.

The types of accepted cases may change from time to time, please feel free to check back in the future to see if we’re able to help you with other types of cases. 
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