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The results of this survey will assist the Vestry in developing Grace Church's In-Person Worship Plan. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. If you have a question, please call the office: (816) 781-6262, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons.
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Please check all the age brackets that best describe you and your family who attend Grace Church.
Type age bracket from the question above, then a dash and the number of household members in each age bracket.
In accordance with Clay County and the CDC guidance for reopening our church, there will need to be 14 sequential days of declining new cases of COVID-19. Once that threshold is reached, how comfortable would you be returning to in-person worship at Grace Church? Please select your answer: *
If you are not comfortable returning to in-person worship, at what time would you be comfortable?
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If you do not see yourself returning to worship for a while, what type of on-line or virtual service would you like available? Please select all that apply.
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What would make you more comfortable attending in-person worship? Check all that apply: *
Do you have a cloth mask to wear to worship service, if required?
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Will you require a mask to be provided to you, if required?
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If worship services are conducted outside, will you bring your own chair?
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I am involved in the following ministries / activities, Check all that apply:
Do you see yourself participating in these ministries when we return to In-Person Worship?
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Which of Grace’s offerings do you or family members currently participate in? Check all that apply.
If you participate in Adult Formation, how comfortable would you be in returning to in person meetings?
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If your family participates in Sunshine Academy or the Nursery, how comfortable would you be allowing your children to return to in-person meetings / childcare?
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Please list any other ideas or concerns that you feel need to be addressed as we formulate our plan for returning to worship at Grace. Also, use to explain any answer of “other” from the questions above. We appreciate your input and look forward to being together in worship and in other meaningful ways.
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