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Tell us what types of things you want to see on our schedule of programs. Feel free to get specific, too!
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What would you do with this lovely space called The Art Experience? Do not be limited by the list above! You might have the next big idea!
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How do you prefer working in a space?
I like a lot of structure and guidance
Give me the tools and let me be
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When can you be here to participate?!
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How can we contact you if there is a class forming with your expressed interest?
What is your phone number, should you like us to call?
Please provide your email address in order for us to contact you if there is a class forming with your interest.
Please provide us with your name (first and last), so we know who we will be asking for!
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What do you like to do that you might be willing to share with others? Is it an activity? Do you cater or build robots? How might you like to get involved here? The Arts are all encompassing, which is one reason why they are so important. Anything you like to do can be a part of anything we do!
Experience *
How experienced are you in the talents you've described above, according to the scale below:
What did we forget to ask that you want to tell us?
Thank you!
If you filled this out, you are entitled to 2 Open Studio gift certificates! Your name will be on a list in the studio (as long as you've included it above). :) Gift certificates may not be combined for use in a group setting. The two certificates are intended for use by you, and a friend. Thank you for your participation!
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