2013 Spring Lake Sea Girt Little League & Manager/Coach Evaluation Form

Dear Parents of Spring Lake Sea Girt Little League,

This year Spring Lake Sea Girt Little League requests each player’s parents complete the following evaluation to tell us how we are doing as a league, make recommendations and evaluate your managers and Coaches. Managers and Coaches are NOT given copies of their evaluations and your evaluations are confidential

The Manager's sub-Committee reads each of the Manager/Coach evaluations and uses them to help identify the most qualified managers and Coaches for our next season’s Managers and Coaches. Please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation form. Your candid feedback is important. Your individual responses are anonymous and any direct comments will be kept strictly confidential. By submitting the Manager and Coaches Evaluation Form, you are helping to ensure that we provide the best baseball and softball instructors and role models for our children.

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    Online Registration
    League emails and website
    Field Conditions
    Running of the Shack
    Ability to volunteer to earn $50 volunteer fee refund
    Family Picnic
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    The Manager / Coaches are effective at teaching baseball or softball skills to the players
    The Manager / Coaches helped players build self-esteem and confidence
    The Manager / Coaches displayed and teach good sportsmanship and appropriate behavior and attitude
    The Manager’s / Coaches’ communication with players and parents is effective
    The Manager / Coaches treat parent volunteers (umpires, scorekeepers, field preparation, other Coaches, etc.) with respect and appreciation.
    The Manager is well organized
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