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Pac Cup is a two-day tournament that will be held on September 23-34 in San Diego. This is a team-based between the cities of San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Vancouver. Pac Cup is for men who are no higher GLTA-rated than "B" and women who are no higher GLTA-rated than "A".

IMPORTANT: You must also have a valid and current GLTA rating to be eligible.

Up to three players on the team can have either a “B” singles or “B” doubles rating and an “A” rating in the other. These players would only be able to play in the event for which they have a “B” rating. Our team placed second in Pac Cup in 2016 and therefore we are unable to accept any unrated players.

The format of the Pac Cup tournament is 12 singles matches and 12 doubles matches for each team. All singles are played on the first day, and all doubles are played on the second day. The final team that will travel to San Diego will be comprised of about 18 people total, including singles and doubles specialists. Final selection criteria will be based upon past tournament results (both USTA and GLTA/GLTF), performance at tryouts and practices, and participation in the process. As this is a team competition, the team element is a strong factor.

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NEW DATES. Tryouts will be at SF State University tennis courts
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There is a lot to get done between now and September so the Pac Cup co-captains can always use a little extra help. Please let us know if there is something you can help with.
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