Pre-Festival Volunteer Program 2020
Festival Nomade, Manquemapu, Chile <3
All the juicy details...
In exchange for your hard work and assistance in festival preparation, volunteers will be provided food and 6 days of the festival free to enjoy. Volunteers will be responsible for working in collaboration with the Nomade team to complete any construction, decoration, cleaning or organizational tasks necessary to make this gathering a success.

We ask a 50.000clp ($70usd) deposit to be paid through PayPal or Stripe within 7 days of receiving an invitation into the program. This deposit will be returned promptly to volunteers after the completion of the program. If you do not complete your responsibilities as a volunteer, or must cancel your participation within the month before the start of your work session, the deposit will be withheld.

Accommodations will be in tents which each individual must provide. Meals will be cooked in an outdoor kitchen. Electricity & cell phone signal is limited. Transportation is provided only to and from the closest town; individuals are responsible for getting themselves to Southern Chile. You must be willing to enjoy the often rainy and unpredictable climate of the Southern Chilean Coast, push yourself to do physically demanding work, and partake in genuine exchange with your team and community members. We ask that you come prepared to solve problems, express beautiful creativity, execute ingenuity, discover new surroundings and celebrate this fantastic gathering of Nomades from around the world.

Our goal is to gather a team of individuals from diverse trades, cultures & experiences. In general, we’re seeking to fill the following roles:

~~* Worker Bees *~~ This crew is the backbone to our entire operation. They are the support team that’s pumped for heavy lifting, material moving, repetitive hammering & obsessive organizing. Come ready to use your muscles & jump on whatever task the day calls for.

~~* Kitchen Witches & Wizards *~~This is our Cooking Crew, charged with the essential task of nourishing our hungry & hardworking family. We’re looking for kitchen magicians who specialize in (mostly) vegetarian cuisine, can transform basic ingredients into extraordinarily delicious fuel, and can manage a rustic camp-site kitchen like pros.

~~* Carpinter@s *~~ These are humans with solid building & carpentry skills, with experiential knowledge of design, structural integrity, and tool use. You are a human who loves finding creative solutions, isn’t afraid of a challenge, and simply loves to collaborate with other builders.

~~* Artistic Army *~~ This is our team dedicated to transforming our structures & spaces into things of beauty. You are charged with adorning, embellishing and beautifying. We’re looking for painters, sewers, sculptors, crafters, artists who can turn trash into treasure & have an eye for detail.

Below is our Work Session Schedule. You may apply to one or all sessions.

SESSION Zero:: December 2 -20. Seeking: Kitchen Witches & Wizards, Worker Bees, Carpinter@s
SESSION I:: January 6 - February 4. Seeking: Kitchen Witches & Wizards, Worker Bees, Carpinter@s
SESSION II: January 13 - February 4. Seeking: Kitchen Witches & Wizards, Worker Bees, Carpinter@s, Artistic Army
SESSION III: January 27 - February 6, 2020. Kitchen Witches & Wizards, Worker Bees, Artistic Army

Interested in volunteering DURING or AFTER the festival? Hang tight! We’ll be opening applications for this in the beginning of October.

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