CryptovationX | CXA Airdrop Round #2
After overwhelming participate in CXA Airdrop Round #1. It’s great pleasure to announce CXA Airdrop: Round #2 after our CXA Airdrop: Round #1 had finished successfully in 48 hours with more than 10,000 telegram joiners.

In this round, we are giving away 3,000,000 CXA tokens in total (worth about US$18,000) for Telegram, Twitter and Facebook Joiners between 25 - 30 June 2018 (Finished at 12.00 PM GMT+7)
The total 3,000,000 CXA tokens will be divided into the amount of Airdrop Participants equally. And if the number of Telegram followers reach 30,000, we will giving the extra bonus 3,000,000 CXA tokens in order to express our appreciation and thankfulness.

They are more tokens to reward our community who spread the word about CXA in next round. Stay tuned for the upcoming CXA Airdrop Round #3 as well as our Bounty Campaign.

我们将捐出3,000,000美元的CXA(9,000美元),对所有电报,Twitter和Facebook加入者。 这是我们的“第一轮空投”,我们将会使用更多的代币,用于奖励我们在下一轮宣传CXA的社区。 敬请期待兴奋的赏金活动。

这个空投活动将持续4周,并为首批1,000名参与者提供奖励。 我们将向每个参与者分发3,000个CXA(9美元)。 所有奖励将在6月份计算并支付!

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