Perceptions of Saltaire's Cultural Identity
Thank you for taking your time to complete my online survey. The aim of my research project is to investigate the extent to which the World Heritage status affects the cultural identity and landscape of Saltaire, Bradford and how this has changed over time. Cultural identity is defined as the customs and practices that are specific to a place. Your responses will be used in conjunction with interview responses, historical maps and photographs, policy documents and Saltaire's archives to draw a conclusion on this topic.

I would like to assure you that your participation in this online survey is completely anonymous and voluntary and the data collected as a result will be destroyed upon the completion of my dissertation.

1) Which age category do you fall into?
2) What is your gender?
3) What is your ethnicity?
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4) Do you...
5) If none of the above apply to you, how do you know about Saltaire?
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6) What do you mainly use the village for?
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7) What do you believe other people use the village for?
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8) Have you noticed a change in either how you or others utilise the village in the past 15 years? If so, what do you think are the reasons for this change?
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9) Before taking this survey, were you aware that Saltaire was awarded World Heritage status in 2001?
10) Do you believe that the World Heritage status is well advertised outside of Bradford?
11) What would you say defines the cultural identity of Saltaire? Do you think this has changed over time?
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12) Do you see Saltaire as a tourist attraction?
13) Are you aware of anything in place to attract tourists to Saltaire? If so, what?
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14) Any further comments about Saltaire and its culture?
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