Application for Private Coaching
Hi love!

I'm happy that you're here! Please take a moment to fill out this application to help me understand your current situation and the kind of support you need.

After you complete the application you'll get a link to book a 30 Minute Complementary Call where we'll get to know each other and dive deeper into how I can help you with the challenges that you describe below. The more detail you share, the better I'll be able to support you!

If by the end of our call I feel like any of my offers could help you I'll share what they are and you can decide if you'd like to work together. If I can't help you, I'd be happy to refer you to a trusted specialist from my network who could.

My intention is to offer you an insight into what your next steps could be whether we work together or not.

Okay let's get started!
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Have you worked with other coaches or therapists before? If so, tell me about your experience and if it was helpful. If not, why do you think it didn't work? *
What is the one thing you really want to make a reality in your life? Why is it so important to you? *
What do you feel is blocking you? What did you try before to overcome these obstacles? *
What is important for you in a coach? What do you wish/expect from working with Linda? Why do you think she could be a great coach for you? *
Anything else you'd like to share?
Private Coaching with Linda starts at $350,- per month. Are you ready to invest in yourself?
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application. Don't forget to book your Complementary Call after you click "send".
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