ProjectEd, formerly known as Knowledge Is Free Foundation (KIFF), aims to help deserving students in paying their tuition fee and other academic-related fees to make tertiary education more affordable. It is an initiative from university students who aspire to strive for a greater cause in addressing education inequality.

** How does the scholarship work?
- Every donor (current university student) will contribute a fixed amount of money (RM 1 - RM 2) per day to the scholarship for a long term basis.
- The donation will be collected on a monthly basis (via bank transfer to a bank account which will only be used for this project's purpose) and a digital receipt will be issued as a proof of payment.
- The scholarship will be publicised on Skolafund ( and also our own scholarship's website.
- The scholarship's fund will be DIRECTLY transfer to the university for their tuition fee payment.

** How do the students apply for this scholarship?
- Students are able to apply for this scholarship when it is opened for application on Skolafund's website.
- Students have to fulfil certain criteria in order to apply for this scholarship.

** Does the donor have the power to vote for any scholarship's applicant?
- Definitely yes! Every donor is encouraged to look through every applicant's profile to ensure the quality of the scholarship recipients.

Should you need further clarification, kindly drop us an email at

Thank you very much.

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