QMed: "Test your information literacy"
Taking this quiz will help you understand how clear you are about online searching with PubMed. For your own sake - do not make guesses. If you do not know an answer for sure, then honestly choose - I don't know.

If you have chosen "I don't know" for even one question, or if the results of your test show that you have one or more wrong answers, you should do our free course - in www.qmedcourses.in You will then figure out the right answers for three out of five questions in this test.

To get all right, you need to do the course - Mastering PubMed.
And... if you do a second or third attempt by just guessing, you are only fooling yourself!
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You attended a lecture where the speaker showed a very nice graph and put in this reference - Wu S. Biliary cast syndrome. 2020. Which of the following tools (links) in PubMed helps you find the full reference easily? *
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In the PubMed search box you type Hypoglycemia AND Hyperglycemia. You will retrieve all articles in the PubMed database about both conditions *
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Which of the following statements describes PubMed best *
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Which of the following, when you type in the PubMed search box, ensures that ALL your results are about the disease Malaria *
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You go to the Advanced search option, choose the field Mesh terms and type Community Acquired Pneumonia in the search box and search. When you do this, you get ALL results about community acquired pneumonia *
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