Church Models to Explore
Since the fire destroyed our church building, we have realized that we have an opportunity to rebuild according to the needs of our community. To that end, we would like to explore different churches in order to consider whether they have aspects that we might want to model our own church on.

Please tell us about any churches you have visited/attended that you think we should check out (including non-Adventist churches).

Things to consider: worship style, outreach programs, size of church body, type/size/layout of building, how the building meets (or doesn't meet) the needs of the church, how the church meets (or doesn't meet) the needs of the community, etc...
Name of church and location
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Denomination of church
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Is the church rural or urban?
Why did you choose this church?
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What do you like about this church that you would recommend for our church?
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What do you dislike about this church, or what would you not recommend for our church model?
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Overall, would you recommend this church model?
How important would you say it is that PAC leadership visits this church?
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highest/absolutely imperative
Are there any other churches you have heard of that you might recommend we check out? Please give details.
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May we have your name and contact information, in case we have any follow-up questions?
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