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Applying to Slippery Fish
We hope that you've already had the chance to attend one of our Information Sessions and had a chance to hear more about Slippery Fish. Thank you for your interest in our school!

This application is intended to not only gather information about you and your family, but also to provide you important information about potentially becoming a member of our school community. Please read each section thoroughly in addition to answering the questions.

Our regular admissions schedule is as follows:

-Jan/Feb: Tours for potential Koi or Flying Fish families who have attended an info session and applied

-Mar 15th: Fall offers are sent out for Koi and Flying Fish programs

-May/June: Tours for potential Minnow or Goldfish families who have attended an info session and applied

-Jul 15th: Fall offers are sent out for Minnows and Goldfish programs

Please note that we accept applications any time and fill open slots throughout the year outside of our regular admissions schedule.

Our Mission
To create and support a culturally inclusive, play-based, and child-centered education that honors individual strengths in children, parents and teachers while fostering relationships between each other, our diverse community, and our wider world.
Does Slippery Fish fit with your family needs and capacities?
This is a question for you to answer. We require a significant commitment of our families. Our application fee varies, based on income, but we want you to understand the expectations held within our community before applying. If you haven't already attended an Open House, please sign up for one here: (Weekend Open Houses) (Weekday Open Houses)

Slippery Fish is a community committed to diversity and inclusion. Every child is welcome and recognized for their individual strengths and challenges.

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