Appalachia Short Docu Series Application
We're going to create a documentary series that chronicles the experiences of trans and non-binary people who face mental health issues and health care discrimination on a daily basis in Appalachia. Seeing and hearing from those directly impacted by these issues provides audiences with a personalized connection to these stories and people.

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Tour Stops:

Knoxville, TN ➔ Huntsville, AL ➔ Atanta, GA ➔ Asheville, NC ➔ Roanoke, VA ➔ Charleston, WV

This short docu series will be entered into film festivals, showings across the country and media platforms, etc. make sure you're comfortable with people knowing your journey.

This will be a full-day film shoot as well as a second short day of touch up clips if needed.

Exact dates TBD after our Kickstarter Funds, June 23rd. We're estimating that we'll hit the road in August.

Kickstarter link:

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