Employment in Finland of the Immigrant Partners of Intercultural Families
Familia ry and Familia's Partner's Path project are using this questionnaire to learn about the employment in Finland of the immigrant partners of intercultural couples and families. The aim of the Partner's Path project is to support intercultural families, and especially the immigrant partner, in finding employment in Finland, and integrating into the Finnish society. The well-being of the whole family is improved through suporting both the immigrant partner and the Finnish partner of intercultural families.

All who fill in this form are entered into a draw for prizes, including two Uusia suomalaisia books, and three sets of two movie tickets. To enter the draw, leave your contact details at the end of the form. Your contact details will not be paired with your answers, and all answers will be handled confidentially and anonymously.

The questionnaire is intended for the immigrant partner of an intercultural family, but some questions also involve the Finnish partner or the whole family. You can fill in the form in Finnish as well as in English: https://goo.gl/forms/YICJTy74Nq46tdii2

Thank you for your answers!

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