LATM Lifetime Service to Math Education Award 2017
The Lifetime Service to Math Education Award recognizes an LATM member for distinguished service in the field of mathematics education. LATM members in good standing are invited to share in the selection process by sending nominations and a rationale for each nomination to the current LATM President for review by the selection committee. The award is designed to recognize an LATM member who has made extraordinary contributions to the advancement of math education in mathematics and/or mathematics teaching over a significant period of time and signifying the culmination of his/her career. The recipient may be a teacher, a former LATM Executive Council member, a current or former school administrator, state department of education employee, elected official, or other individual who meets the stated criteria.

1. The nominee must have been a member of LATM for a minimum of 5 years. LATM will verify
2. The nominee must have exhibited an excellence of contribution to LATM.
3. Among the types of outstanding services considered by the committee are:
• Unique or extraordinary contributions to the LATM organization.
• Contributions to LATM over a significant period of time.
• Active leadership in mathematics education at local, state, or national level.
• Noteworthy scholarly contributions to mathematics education at any level.
• Direct and substantial contributions to the improvement of mathematics education at any
• Overall excellence of contributions.
4. If the nominee has previously served on the Executive Council of LATM, it is recommended they
must have completed their last term a minimum of three years prior to this nomination.
Additionally, if awarded, this person will not return to the Executive Council in any capacity.

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Please do not disclose your nomination to the person you are nominating as the award will be revealed to the recipient at an award ceremony.
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Rationale for nominating this person for the LATM Lifetime Service to Math Education Award
Please provide specific information that will assist the Selection Committee to distinguish your nominee from other nominees, based on the criteria above. A resume for the nominee would be most helpful, if you can acquire one without revealing to the nominee that they are being considered. You may send that as an attachment in a separate email to [SUBJECT: Lifetime Achievement]
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Additional References
Please provide two (2) additional references that agree to be contacted to support this nomination by providing additional information regarding the contributions of this nominee. Please include the full name, email address, and phone number for each reference.
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Please email Maryanne Smith at if there are questions regarding this form.
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