Colombo University - Faculty of Science Alumni Association of North America (CUFSAA)- Membership Form

This form is to collect membership data of the alumni of the Science Faculty of the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka living in North America (USA, Canada, and Mexico). Your responses are secure and will be used only for the purposes and objectives of this Association.

Our plans are to organize additional activities in the future. Please fill out this survey to keep informed about CUFSAA activities through newsletters, bulletins, and emails.

Please forward the link of this survey to your fellow Science Faculty Alumni and encourage them to fill out the survey and become CUFSAA members.

Here is the link to the Survey to pass along to your contacts:

Thank you for your support!

CUFSAA Executive Committee

[Expected time to complete the survey is less than 5 minutes.]

CUFSAA Membership Form
Let us know how to get in touch with you so that we can include you in our membership list.

Thank you!

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12. Duration of your association. *
Please let us know the beginning and ending year of your association. e.g. If you graduated from the university in 1984, please answer 1984. Those who earned PhDs, masters, or certificates degrees from the Science Faculty, please enter the degree program and the year of graduation.
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13. References
Please name any CUFSAA member OR current or former Colombo University Science Faculty academic staff member we may contact as a reference, if necessary.
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14. Additional Remarks
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