"No Time Like Now To Get Involved" by Sarajean Rossitto and David H. Slater
The COVID-19 virus is having many effects that we can all easily see--stay at home, social distancing and even more masking. But it also has some less obvious and much larger effects on certain populations: the poor, PWDs, single parent homes, asylum seekers, orphans, people living in homes with violence, people with health issues. These groups suffer most, and often in silence.

After an overview of current needs, presenters will share information on some of the organizations making a difference. A majority of the workshop will be focused on participants engaging in group discussion where they will brainstorm ways to get involved and contribute to solutions. Everyone will leave this workshop with more information about current and future needs as well as specific actions you can take right away.

* An understanding of those COVID-19 is hurting most and the organizations working with those in need locally
* A deeper understanding of the global campaign for an accessible vaccine
* Action steps you can make use of right away

Monday evening, May 4, 2020
18:45 (JST) Virtual Doors Open
19:00-21:30 (Japan Standard Time = JST)

18:45-19:00 Sign in to Zoom
19:00-19:10 Introduction to the speakers and the workshop
19:10-19:45 Focus on the global campaign and actions you can take
19:45-20:30 Focus on local needs and actions you can take locally
20:30-20:50 Next steps and Commitment Statements
20:50-21:00 Wrap up
OPTIONAL 21:00-21:30 (JST) Feedback surveys, Announcements, Community networking

This online workshop will include group discussion using Zoom. Because of the participatory nature of the workshop, please come prepared to show your video and join on a computer to make the most of the experience.

If you are new to zoom, please download and review the basics of how to use the system a day or two in advance. On the day of the workshop, please log in 10 minutes before the start in order to assure that everything is working smoothly and so that we can start on time.

ZOOM: https://zoom.us/meetings
ZOOM HELP CENTER: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/200101697

David Slater is a cultural anthropologist and professor at Sophia University, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Graduate Program in Japanese Studies. He holds a BA from Vassar College in New York and PhD from the University of Chicago. He has researched a number of topics around social justice themes, including social class and inequality, disaster and recovery, social activism, homelessness and foreign refugee populations. He has developed programs for teaching social engagement at the undergraduate and graduate levels, doing outreach to different communities in Tohoku and Tokyo. Currently, he is working on issues of diversity and inclusivity as a teaching platform, scholarly pursuit and form of social and political action.

Sarajean Rossitto has worked with nonprofit NGOs in Japan for 20 years. She has conducted trainings on specific skill sets such as project development and management, fundraising, grant proposal writing and volunteer management, and has taught university classes on the roles and functions of NGOs, NGO management, the Japanese nonprofit sector and international development issues. Sarajean has coordinated programs including experts in humanitarian response and HIV/AIDS in Japan. She has also helped corporations develop effective community engagement, CSR and philanthropy programs. Sarajean has worked with multinationals such as Morgan Stanley and Facebook, and international agencies such as JICA, Japan Platform and Give2Asia. Before 2005, when she began working as an independent consultant, Sarajean spent four years coordinating the bilateral exchange of nonprofit professionals between the US and Japan for Japan-US Community Education & Exchange (JUCEE). She worked for 6 years with the Tokyo YMCA before completing her graduate studies. Sarajean holds a Columbia University Masters of International Affairs degree with a focus on human rights in East Asia, and has an undergraduate degree in sociology focusing on social movements. She also holds certificates in Disaster Management (UNU), Humanitarian Response (Harvard University online) and Conflict Mediation (Hitotsubashi University / NY Peace Institute).

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