WYC Racing & Regatta Registration Form (2023)
The Whitby Yacht Club is pleased to welcome entries for the 2023 racing season. Please fill out the information below order to register.

The RACING FEE includes entry to all Club level events hosted by the WYC (including Whitby 50) and is paid only once per boat. The OD fee is a surcharge for the OD Series and reflects the additional resources required.

Seasonal Racing Fee = $150+HST (plus Tuesday - OD Fee $50+HST)

Competitors Meeting being held in the Compass Rose Lounge on May 10th 7:30 to 8:30 

For more information, feel free to contact the office at 905-668-1391 or fleet@wyc.ca
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Insurance Certification:  Each owner certifies that the subject yacht is currently insured for liability, damage, and personal injury with a minimum cover of $2,000,000 per incident, with the above‐named Insurance Company with the above‐named Policy Number. Each owner agrees to advise the Whitby Yacht Club of any changes of any nature to said insurance policy within five (5) days of such changes or as otherwise agreed in writing with the Whitby Yacht Club at its own discretion. Each owner agrees to keep a copy of the current Insurance Policy on board at all times while racing.    ***Please type owner's name and today's date below to serve as signature. *
Waiver, Release of Liability and Indemnification Agreement: IN CONSIDERATION of acceptance of this entry by the Race Committee of The Whitby Yacht Club, a corporation under the laws of the Province of Ontario (hereafter WYC) I, the skipper, warrant that subject yacht will be seaworthy in hull, rig, and gear and that she will be competently crewed. The Skipper and crew acknowledge and agree that the decision to start or continue in each race is solely that of the skipper and crew. As Skipper, I further acknowledge and agree that none of, including but not limited to, WYC, their officers, directors, members, employees or agents, or the members of the Race Committee assume or accept any responsibility for, including but not limited to, property damage to any boat (or property)or for any personal injury of any degree to any skipper, family, or guests of the skipper or crew suffered while participating in these races or any pre‐race or post‐race activities. I, the Skipper, hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood all the above referenced disclaimers, waivers and release of liability, etc contained in this entry form as well as the terms and conditions of entry, whether verbal or written. I also agree to be so bound and to indemnify WYC and all other parties associated with these races. As Skipper, I agree to be bound by any and all Federal, Provincial, and Local Laws, WYC By‐Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Club, WYC Sailing Instructions, The Racing Rules of Sailing and by all other rules that govern these races.    ***Please type skipper's name and today's date below to serve as signature. *
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