Confirmation I - Pumpkin Decorating!
ALL Confirmation I students should bring a 6-8 inch pumpkin to class on Thursday (10/25) to decorate for the residents at LifeCare. The smaller pumpkins sold for pies work best. In addition, we also need volunteers to bring craft supplies and/or snacks to share with the class as we decorate the pumpkins in the big hall.

We will NOT be carving or painting the pumpkins (too messy!), so please limit decorative materials to such things as permanent markers, self-adhesive foam letters/stickers, large plastic googlie eyes, etc. Michael's in Redstone has a wide variety of craft materials that would look just great! You'd be amazed at how creative students from past years have been.

After submitting your response, you will be able to view all the responses to see what other people are bringing. If it looks like we are getting a lot of some things and not enough of others, please click the "edit your response" link to update your response. Thank you!

We have 6 tables with 9-11 kids at each table (60 kids)
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If anything is left over, we will save it for future events! Thank you!
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