Student Perception
Mrs. Burgess and Mrs. Dickensheets want to know how you have enjoyed being in your class this year and how your teacher is doing to make this year great for you. Please answer the questions below honestly so we can continue making Iverson Elementary School the BEST ever.
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1. My teacher answers my questions when I have one. *
2. My teacher encourages me to try to solve problems on my own before asking for help. *
3. My teacher is available to answer my questions and to help me when I need it. *
4. We have rules we must follow in our classroom. *
5. My teacher expects me to set a good example for other students in our class. *
6. My teacher helps me to feel safe at school. *
7. My Teacher asks me questions to get to know me better (what I like to read, what I like to play, what my interests are). *
8. My teacher encourages me to take responsibility for my learning. (get started on my own, ask questions when needed, complete all assignments). *
9. My teacher shows that he/she cares how I do in school. *
What is your favorite special?
Explain why this special is your favorite.
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Is there anything else you would like us to know about your experience with your teacher or your experience in school this year?
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