Intent of Return
This form is for families of current students at Grand Rapids Adventist Academy and is for the purpose of communicating next year's Tuition Rates and for you to indicate your intent to re-enroll your student(s) at our school next year. Our school would not be the same without your child and it is our joy and privilege to be able to have the responsibility of teaching them the skills necessary not only to succeed in the world but to be a faithful follower of Christ. With that said, our school does require certain finances to be able to run efficiently and we want to be clear as to what part of that is each parent's commitment.

Due to an increase in school expenses, teacher wages, and general economic changes, there will be a 4% tuition increase in the 2022/2023 school year. The following chart shows the updated tuition rates.

                                                Tuition                                               Tuition
                                               (Constituent Church member)        (Non-constituent church member)

Elementary, K-8                      $5,324.80                                        $7,186.40
High School, 9-12                  $9,266.40                                        $12,500.80

If tuition is paid in full BEFORE the start of school year,  you may be eligible for a 3% discount.
There is also a 5% discount on tuition for families with multiple students enrolled in our school.

The enrollment fee is $100.

Tuition will be due on the 25th of each month starting in September and going through June for a total of 10 monthly payments. There is a $40 late fee for late payments. You may enroll for automatic bank withdrawals for no extra fee. If you need help with this please contact the business manager for assistance.

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