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If ​You are a Startup you​ must ​be a part of YI INNOVEX 2019
1. Sections market with asterisk * are mandatory to be filled
2. Multiple applications can be filled by the same individual for different businesses
3. Form to be filled by Persons and Entities based out of India. In case of any Indian based out of India can also fill out the form if the major work of the enterprise is focused in India
4. If online application is not working then applications can be mailed to latest by 12th Nov 2019
5. Startups registering here would also be eligible for nomination/ shortlisting for Startup Awards 2019 by YI Innovex. Awards will be presented for the following categories: Startup of the Year; Innovative Enterprise of the Year; Women Entrepreneur of the Year; Student Entrepreneur of the Year; Social/ Rural Enterprise of the Year
6.Categorization for awards will be based on the answers submitted below at the sole discretion of YI and jury members
7. Startups will be provided dedicated booth space at YI Innovex Pavilion at Enterprise Odisha Expo 2019 at Unit 3 Exhibition Ground, Bhubaneswar at a discounted rate of INR 4,000/- for entire 4 days for exhibiting their product/ services
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3. Idea/ Product/ Organization Information
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Who are your target beneficiaries/customers? Provide information on existing market already targeted and future addressable market? (Max 50 words)
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What is unique about your work that will differentiate you from competitors in your target market leading to sustainable competitive advantage? (Max 50 Words)
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What is the motivation to pick up this project to work on? Do you have prior experience in this sector? Have you started any other business in past? (Max 50 Words)
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Has the startup raised any money from outside investor. Is it bootstrapped? What is the future fund raising requirement? (Max 50 Words)
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Other Information
Brief Information on financial performance, customer base, other growth indicators? (Max 50 Words)
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Online Link for Document Submission, if any
Share the online link (Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc) for any material relating to your idea/ product/ organization (Eg pitch deck, video capturing your idea/ work, product information brochure, recognition received, press coverage clippings, etc)
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Do you want to exhibit your Startup at YI Innovex Pavilion at Enterprise Odisha Expo 2019: *
Startups shortlisted will have to pay discounted price of INR 4,000/- on or before 12th Nov 2019 in favor of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). This includes basic infrastructure at expo booth along with daily lunch coupon for 2 representatives
Declaration *
Any questions? Please contact:
Sakyasingha Mahapatra(8114347999), Gaurav Kedia(8097519775), Satyajit Mishra(7406700555)
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