Sunrise Action Art Skills Dec. 2019 Training Application

Calling all artists, designers, media-makers, crafters, meme-slingers, poets, painters, theatresses & other stripes of Sunrisers serious about art, creativity, strategy and direct action.

As a Sunriser, you know that the Green New Deal is the only plan to address the scope and scale of the climate crisis in the way that science and justice demand. Sunrise is building an army of young people to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influences of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people.

As we grow, this army needs to continue to be seen, heard, and felt clearly and coherently. This is a training designed to grow the cultural workers of Sunrise, with a strong emphasis on our visual culture when we take action in the streets.

Since Sunrise launched two years ago, we built the scaffolding for a movement prepared to make the Green New Deal a reality in this country. In just the past few months, Sunrise and partner organizations have elevated the Green New Deal from an unknown, fringe proposal, to a national litmus test for the moral clarity and political courage of presidential hopefuls. And in the last year, the movement has exploded. Thousands of young people feel hope in the Green New Deal for the first time in their lives.

In this training, we'll practice looking at our movement with the eyes of visual, narrative, and cultural strategy. We know that visually compelling, narratively clear, and mediagenic actions, like our sit in in Pelosi's office, is part of how we put the Green New Deal on the map--and making actions pop involves a variety of art skills. As we grow, we'll need more and more arts leaders who can help us bring that flare to many more actions in all different places.

This training aims to build out our network of Sunrisers around the country who have the skills and tools to bring the power of visual storytelling to bear in all our actions. Far more important than any particular skill or background, this training is for Sunrisers who are pumped about dedicating themselves to the collaborative, subtle, messy, nitty-gritty practice of arts for our movements.


The training will split time approximately equally between three overlapping skill sets:

1. Strategic Design Thinking: We'll practice thinking like a cultural organizer and build skills for telling Sunrise's story in the street and in public.

2. Arts Production: We'll build skills for making on-point visuals for sunrise movement--including basics of stencil making and banner painting, and how to run a successful participatory art build for people of all skills and abilities.

3. Action Staging: We'll grow our capacity to work with a crew to create actions that are both energetic and compelling in the moment, and then mediagenic and legible in the press.


This is a training for active members of Sunrise who are either interested in making and staging action props for the movement, or already taking on that role and looking to level up their skills and connect to other visually inclined Sunrisers around the country.

In concrete terms, this means:

1. You have attended Sunrise 101 Online Orientation Training or an in person orientation training. If this will be a problem for you, let me know and we'll work something out. Online Orientation Training details:

2. You can commit to holding down the role of Art Lead for a minimum of the Climate Strike on Earth Day and another action (and hopefully many more!) in the upcoming year. (this includes the entire process from planning messaging, to running the art builds, and implementing the art in actions)

3. You are excited about creativity as a collaborative process, and want to passing on the training to others in your hub and in the movement. (no solitary artists alone in their studio here!)

4.You are under ~35 years old.
(if you are older and want to attend this training, please consider reading these guidelines for the elders and "young at heart" in our movement:


- Application Deadline: Nov. 1 midnight EST
- Applicants will be accepted or waitlisted by email on Nov. 6
- Applicants must claim their spot in the training by Nov. 10


** Location: Kansas City, Missouri

** Dates: Friday, Dec. 13 Sunday - Dec 15th

** Times: Friday 9am-8pm; Saturday 9am-8pm; Sunday 9am-4pm

** Food: We will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturday; breakfast and lunch on Sunday; and snacks, coffee, and tea throughout the weekend!

** Housing: We are planning to secure group housing so as many participants as possible can stay together, but depending on costs and space availability, we may need to split people up, so we encourage everyone to reach out to friends and contacts in Kansas City, Missouri. If we do wind up splitting people up into smaller groups, and you don't have a person to stay with, we will set you up with a friendly host!

** Travel:
* Please plan to arrive in Kansas City, Missouri no later than Thursday night so you can be ready right in time for breakfast at 9am on Friday -- and please book your travel out no earlier than 5:30pm for buses/trains and no earlier than 6:30pm for flights.
* Sunrise will reimburse travel costs to the training if you need support. (We know many of you are coming from very far away).

** Costs: As a new movement, we don't have the same amount of money as more established groups (or the fossil fuel billionaires!) but we do have a bold vision, a plan to build unprecedented people power to stop the climate crisis, and the support of our communities. We estimate that costs for this training will come out to about $135 per person, including travel, food, space, and materials. We are prepared to cover travel costs but the price of the training has a self-determined sliding scale between $40-80. If you need a financial scholarship, please let us know! Link to make your registration donation:

For any questions, reach out to Joy Shang at
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Say more about your capacity and how you are intending to be involved in Sunrise in the next six months. Participants in this training are expected to run art for your local Climate Strike on Earth Day + 1 other action, participate in our art leaders network, and train others in your hub on art skills in this time frame. Are you able to commit to that? (100-300 words). *
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