Latin Maxims & Phrases - Quiz #03
12 multiple choice questions with one option correct of 1 point each.
“Bis dat qui ______ dat.”
Hint: He gives twice who gives quickly.
1 point
“______ ex injuria sua nemo habere debet.”
Hint: No one should have an advantage from his own wrong.
1 point
“Audi ______ partem.”
Hint: Hear the other side (i.e., Do not condemn a man unheard).
1 point
“______ apud debitorem repertum praesumitur solutum.”
Hint: A deed found with a debtor is presumed to be satisfied.
1 point
“______ ratione legis, cessat ipsa lex.”
Hint: The reason of the law being at an end, the law itself ceases. Reason is always the acknowledged soul of the law.
1 point
“______ tollit errorem.”
Hint: Consent removes a mistake.
1 point
“Cognovit ______.”
Hint: He had admitted the action.
1 point
“______ legis, non fecit injuriam.”
Hint: Construction of the law causes no injury.
1 point
“Clausulae inconsuetae semper inducunt ______.”
Hint: Unusual clauses always excite suspicion.
1 point
“______ sine qua non.”
Hint: A condition without which the matter cannot be.
1 point
“Benignae faciendae sunt ______ chartarum, ut res magis valeat quam pereat.”
Hint: Constructions of documents are to be made favourably, that the instrument may rather avail than perish.
1 point
“Caveat emptor (Qui ______ non debuit quod jus alienum emit).”
Hint: Let the buyer beware (who ought not to be ignorant what he buys from another).
1 point
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