Blueshell's Gamenight - 28-05-2019
We at Blueshell R&D are always busy on improving your Blueshell experience!
So this gamenight alongside all the usual business (wii's, guitar games, jackbox & fireside gatherings) we will be hosting the winner's ceremony for the first Blueshell Challenge Cup for Overwatch as well as introducing a whole new thing to look forward to at gamenights: "Blueshell All-stars"

Blueshell All-stars is a small tourney for different (team)games at which anyone present at the gamenight can participate. The general idea is that two to three games will have a special spotlight during the gamenight for a moment. Competing and winning at the games will result in earning points and the attendees with the highest amount of points at the end of the gamenight will recieve the monthly title "Blueshell All-star" in discord and the newsletter for that month!

Blueshell All-stars is meant to be a short moment to cheer for eachother and create some suspense to fight for the title during the gamenight, so it will not intrude on your normal gamenight activities if you do not want it to.

We hope to see you there again this month!

Important information:
Date/Time: thursday the 28th of MaY 2019, between 19.00-23.30 (enter/leave whenever you want)
Location: De Stek (Bastille), University of Twente
Costs: Free for members! Non-members pay 2 euros.

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