TGNC Wellness Workers' Summit
Three trans therapists/wellness workers are currently developing an accessible summit for other TGNC therapists and mental/emotional wellness providers on February 26th, 2022!

The purpose of our summit would be to reduce the isolation we often experience as trans and gender-expansive providers doing this work, to navigate secondary trauma, to create space for deepening professional/clinical/care-provision skills, and to further radicalize the work we are already doing.

We are honored to collectively create this space by-and for tgnc folks
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We validate unpaid wellness work. We value and embrace all backgrounds, within/outside of formal education.
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Didactic Workshop

Do you absolutely love a specific therapy modality? Are you savvy about intentional peer support? How about integrating case management skills to navigate transphobic systems of care while supporting our community members in crisis? Toss out a topic!

If you are interested in facilitating a Didactic Workshop, please describe how you would use a 90-minute time block:
Experiential Activity [large group]

Are you passionate about expressive interventions, dance, yoga, meditation, narrative / writing, or other hands-on self-care practices that participants can enjoy, learn from, and incorporate into their own routines after the conference ends? Pitch a session with a practical element!

If you are interested in guiding an Experiential Activity, please describe how you would use a 55-min time block:
Summit Caucus

We’re looking for members of all manner of intersecting identity communities to facilitate closed spaces for our community members who face multiple axes of oppression, or who specialize in specific types of work, often unrecognized in the broader community. Do you want to build a space for practitioners of your racial/ethnic identity group to come together and build? Looking to strategize with fellow immigrants? A trans women practitioners’-only space, please? How about somewhere for peer-identified support staff to process? This is your time to shine!

If interested in creating a Caucus, please describe who this space would be intended for, and how you envision using a 90-minute time block.
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