New Client Copywriting Brief
As your copywriter, it’s my job to tap into the mindset of your customers.

To do this, I need a little insight from the person who knows your business inside out. That's you. The questions that follow will help me gather important information about you, your business and how your copy should engage with your target market.

Not every question will be relevant to your particular business, so you can safely skip over these. Try to answer the rest as completely as you can. The more insight you can share, the more effective your copy will be.

Your answers don't need to be long and wordy - these notes are for my eyes only! Keep it simple and don't agonise too much over your responses.

These questions are designed to save both of us time in the long (and the short) run, by shaping an accurate brief and starting us off with clear communication. To make sure the copy I write for you hits the mark, first time.

As always, if you have any questions just let me know.

Thanks again,
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