2020 Cross Country Goals
Goal setting is not just about identifying what you want to achieve but also how you will achieve it (process goals) and measure that achievement (performance goals).Outcome Goals, Process Goals and Performance

Goals all need to be SMARTER:
Specific - make them as precise and detailed as possible
Measurable - a method by which you can quantify or rate your current position and then determine the amount of improvement required
Accepted - goals need to be shared and negotiated with all others involved
Realistic - the goal is realistic yet challenging
Time phased - date is set for when the goal is to be achieved by
Exciting - goal motivates the individual
Recorded - the goal and progress towards it are recorded

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Individual Season Goals- These should be your one or two main goals for the season. They should stretch your limits and be truly challenging, but only to the extent you are prepared to do the things necessary to give yourself a chance to meet them. If you are not ready to commit to it, you should not write it down here. You might think in terms of statistical achievements, your place on the team or in the league or awards or  recognitions you hope to achieve. Do not pick more than one or two; decide what is really most important. *
Team Goals- What two or three things do you want to achieve as part of the team? It is important that team leaders vocalize these goals otherwise they will never materialize in a way that will drive performance and give a season meaning. These should be challenging yet reachable, and they must be specific and backed up by commitment. Your individual season goals will contribute to directly team success. *
Process Goals- These are the things outside of competition that you must do to achieve your other goals. Do not just list the things you already do well (although that is a great exercise for another time), but rather, focus on the things you want to work on and improve. These could include extra weight training, increasing your weekly mileage a certain distance, running once every weekend, improving an aspect of your diet, getting a certain amount of sleep, stretching, supporting team-mates, having a certain attitude or approach to practice. You should list 3 to 5 things. *
Last year to this year- What are some things that you enjoyed about last Cross Country season that you would like to continue doing this year? This could be team traditions, running with your friends, performances in meets, team camaraderie, getting 12 million views on Barstool Sports :) etc.  Please list 3 to 5 things *
Last year to this year- What are some things about last cross country season that you did not enjoy or could improve on? This could be injury related, not liking certain workouts, lack of team focus/motivation, team or individual performance, etc (Please be specific) *
Is there anything else that you want the coaches to know moving forward?
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