Indie Arcade 2019 Submission Form

This form is for submissions to the Indie Arcade at MAGfest Prime 2019! This is for games with custom arcade cabinets or other physical controllers that want to show at MAGfest 2019. You do not need to have submitted your game to MIVS to submit to the Indie Arcade and submitting to the Indie Arcade is different from submitting to MIVS.

Deadline to submit your game: 11:59PM (EST) October 7th 2018.

Before submitting your game, please read our FAQ:

We will let you know about the status of your submission by October 28th 2018.

The Indie Arcade is being run by Death By Audio Arcade from NYC. If you have any questions, please email

Game Name *
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Studio Name *
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Name of primary contact *
This is who we will reach out to with info about your submission. This is also one of the people who should be physically present at MAGfest to run your game
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Email of primary contact *
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Phone number of primary contact *
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Brief description of your game *
Just a few sentences. No more than two paragraphs.
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Link to a video of your game in action *
Just footage of people playing your arcade game. Cellphone is fine. Please do not send us a gameplay trailer that does not show the arcade setup. You can provide a password if it is not a public video.
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Link to one or more photos of your game *
Logos and screenshots are fine, but at least one photo must be of your arcade setup.
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Are you also submitting this game to MIVS?
This is not a requirement either way and an acceptance from the Indie Arcade or MIVS will not have an affect on the other. This info is just to help us coordinate.
Will at least one person from your team be present at MAGFest to setup your game on Wednesday Jan 2nd (or early Thursday Jan 3rd) and remain their all weekend to run the game *
(Your answer must be yes)
MAGfest runs for 72 hours straight. It's a lot of fun but it can be taxing for physical installations. Will your game be able to run uninterrupted for this time?
I understand that I will be responsible for bringing all equipment required to run my game. *
It will be up to you and your team to provide all equipment for your game (including power strips, screens & speakers if necessary). We highly recommend bringing a spare extension cord & labeling all of your equipment.
I understand that I will be responsible for the safety and security of all of this equipment during MAGfest. *
We do not have a locked space and the show-floor will be open to the public for the entire event. Some devs feel comfortable leaving their equipment on the show-floor overnight. If you do not, you will need to have a plan to secure it or bring it back to your room. We will not be able to keep an eye on your stuff.
Will you need any assistance to get your game to MAGfest? *
We have a limited budget to assist devs. Be aware, this budget is small and you have a better chance of being accepted if you can get your game here yourself. That being said, we do not want to close the door on devs with fewer resources. Please let us know exactly what you would need/if you would be comfortable carpooling etc.
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Would you be interested in a (paid) hotel room at the Gaylord?
The hotel rooms at this event fill up almost instantly. We may be able to reserve a block for people showing work in the Indie Arcade. These rooms would be at the normal price.
Will you have any merch you want to sell?
If there are other members of your team planning to attend, please list their names, emails and phone numbers here.
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