Application for Financial Assistance at the Empowering U Center
If you are in need of financial assistance for services at the Empowering U Center, it may be available through Pillars of Light and Love, a non-profit at the Empowering U Center. Please complete this form. Assistance depends on the availability of funds which come from donations to Pillars of Light and Love.

If you receive assistance, we ask that you help others in need by promoting our organization to your friends and family so we can obtain donations to continue to offer assistance.

Pillars of Light and Love is located in the Empowering U Center at 511 W Main St. Trappe, PA 19426 Phone: 484.854.1162 Email: 

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The services offered at the Empowering U Center range from $65 to $175 per hour. Please check off the amount that you are able to pay per session. The more that you can co-pay, the more services/sessions you may be able to receive *
Please review the list of services and Practitioner bios at and select one or more of our Practitioners below: *
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PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:  Pillars of Light and Love is a 501 (c)3 Non-Profit with a dedicated amount of funds to be used for services at the Empowering U Center in Trappe, PA. Funds are available for those facing financial hardship, as well as those with serious illness or disability, caregivers of those with special needs, disabled veterans, and others, as may be determined by our board of directors. All service providers, except for Life Coaches, are certified/licensed in their respective field. We are not a medical establishment, nor do we diagnose or treat illness or diseases. If you have a physical or mental condition, you should consult a physician. You should also consult your physician prior to receiving any of the services at the Empowering U Center. We offer no guarantee that services will be successful. It is our policy to provide equal opportunity without regard to Race, Color, Religion, National Origin, Gender, Sexual Preference, Age, or Disability. Your application will be seen by our Administrator, and reviewed by our Founder, Kathy Opperman, who makes the decision on assistance, and may do so in consultation with a service provider at the Empowering U Center without mention of your name, unless the provider has provided services to you previously. By checking yes below and submitting this application, you affirm that the facts set forth above are true and correct. You  understand if you are provided financial assistance that any false statements, omissions, or other misrepresentations made by applicant on this application may result in service cancellation and repayment to Pillars of Light and Love in full for assistance received. *
NAME OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN for those under 18
FOR APPLICANTS UNDER THE AGE OF 18: by checking the yes box below, you are acknowledging that you are responsible for the minor who is an applicant and agreeing the minor has your parental/guardian consent to apply for financial assistance at Pillars of Light and Love and you have read the agreement in its full entirety:
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A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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