Senior Project
Thank you for your interest in being a Senior Project Judge! This is an important part of the Senior Project experience and your participation as a judge truly helps our students grow.

Senior Project Presentations will take place during the 2019-2020 school year at Lovejoy High School on November 13th, December 2nd, January 14th, February 12th, and March 5th.

Judges’ training will be in the library starting at 5:30pm on presentation evenings.
If you wish to judge on multiple evenings, we ask that you arrive at 5:30pm on your first evening for training and by 6:00pm on subsequent evenings. Senior Project Portfolio’s will be available for viewing beginning at 5:15pm in the LHS library each evening. This year, projects will all be done online, so you will be available to view students digital portfolios on a provided laptop or ipad.

Room assignments and presentation judging assignments will be given each night. Presentations last approximately 6-10 minutes each, and you will judge six presentations per night. You will need to be in your room by 6:20 pm each evening to review portfolios as presentations start at 6:30 pm.

Thank you in advance for supporting LHS students!
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